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Fifteen Lubbock ISD Top of Team Winners Recognized for Artwork

Lubbock ISD Top of TEAM (Texas Elementary Art Meet) winners were celebrated last Thursday with their artwork on display in Central Office, a special recognition, and certificates for their work. The Region 17 TEAM competition was on April 6 at Honey Elementary, where 145 artwork entries from pre-K to fifth grade were judged by elementary school teachers. The top 10 percent of pieces in each division earned a Top of TEAM medal. Lubbock ISD students won 15 of the 16 medals that were awarded.

The purpose of TEAM is to provide a collegiate assessment for an individual elementary art student based on the standards of TEKS, Bloom's Taxonomy, and the Feldman Model. Additionally, TEAM provides constructive criticism for the students’  literary and expressive process. 

Fifteen Lubbock ISD Top of TEAM winners are recognized for their artwork